“The House Bunny” premiere held

Columbia Pictures in Westwood held the premiere of the comedy movie ‘The House Bunny’ with much pomp and show. The entire session was made lively by loud screaming from the audience. Cheering fans who wore large bunny ears were to be seen everywhere. Stars who shared the special pink carpet, including the lead role lady Anna Farris, had much to say about the filmmaking. Her entire family came to see Rumer Wills sharing the limelight. It was the first time she handled a lengthy role. Her dad Bruce Willis and mom Demi Moore were extremely delighted.

All eyes were on Anna Farris and she deserved it too. “The House Bunny” means much more to her than a movie with her in lead. She was an integral part of the movie from its very beginning. Anna was involved in developing the basic storyline into a full-length comedy film. Farris also executive produced the film and was there to lend a helping hand in all its different stages.

However, Anna Farris said she really enjoyed this behind the screen work. She found it amazing and inspiring. It was actually an eye-opener to her as she realized the difficulty behind the making of a film. Putting all the pieces together in the right manner to produce a film was certainly more complicated than acting in it.

The movie, “ The House Bunny “ has its focus on a perplexed Anna Farris (who plays the role of a Playboy Bunny) after she gets the boot from Playboy Mansion. The story unfolds as she finds herself lost. As a rejected bunny, she does not know where to go to reconsider her life.

The seed of the story got sprouted in Anna’s imagination as she asked herself what will happen to a bunny if it is forced to move on and settle in a totally different world. In Anna’s mind, the story had a tragic end with the character turning out to be a drug addict. However, imagination had to give way to much more dearer commercialism and the film turned out to be a commedy.


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