A few weight gaining tips

If you need to build an athletic body, you need to take in more calories than what you spend. If you want to gain weight, without increasing the fat content of your body, you need to be extremely careful in deciding your routine and diet. A strenuous exercise regimen well supported by an effective nutrition program will do the trick for you. It is indeed not wholly true that a high-protein diet will result in a strong muscle body. However, protein is essential for muscle growth. But the body also needs adequate amounts of other nutrients to meet its various energy requirements.

Gaining muscle weight is a process, which demands patience. Generally, a person will be able to gain a maximum weight of one pound a week, if they take the right food in right quantities. A healthy way to gain lean weight is to increase the daily calorie intake by five hundred to one thousand calories per day.

In order to increase your body mass, you will have to increase the amount of food that you eat at one time. In that way you will be able to supply your body with the required calories needed to gain muscle weight. Fluids that are abundant sources of calories such as concentrated juices; milk shakes, milk etc should also be taken. High calorie snacks should also be made part of your diet. Wondering what are the various high calorie snack options? Here is a list of such snacks. A soft pretzel with cream cheese or peanut butter; milkshakes made with whole milk and ice cream plus powdered milk; dried fruits; bean and cheese burritos; bagel and cream cheese or peanut butter; baked potatoes with sour cream, cheese, or chilly etc are but some of them.

However it is advisable to set realistic goals for yourself as hereditary factors play a major role in determining a person’s physique.


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