A good garden plan for your home

A good vegetable garden is an essential part of a healthy life pattern. Effective mulching is what good gardening is all about. It saves a lot of other gardening works such as keeping down weeds and moisture holding. Mulching can be done with leaves, sawdust, straw or even compost. A good fertilizer is sure to provide you more yield with less effort. Dealing with grass at an initial stage itself will certainly help in bringing it easily under control.

Make sure that you get the man of the house to do more garden work. Only if he is interested in the garden can you reap a good harvest. Our own garden is the only practical solution to get fresh vegetables in today’s world. It is advisable to grow vegetables that contain the required vitamins.

Leafy and yellow vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, mustard greens etc are rich in vitamins A and C. Growing sweet potatoes, pumpkins, winter-type squash and pumpkins provide Vitamin A in abundance. Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cauliflower and kohlrabi are rich suppliers of Vitamin C. The vitamin king, Collard, should be made an essential ingredient of your vegetable garden. If planned in a systematic manner, your vegetable garden will be able to provide you enough vegetables for the year round. Modern techniques of preserving “freshness” of vegetables will help you in enjoying garden vegetables through out.

Gardening can be made an interesting experience by trying out different varieties of seeds and different styles of cooking. You can make the garden more attractive by bordering each vegetable section with flowering plants. A clean garden is no less attractive than your front lawn. Home garden will automatically result in the increased consumption of raw vegetables such as carrot and lettuce which are extremely good for health. As a hobby, gardening will be all the more enjoyable if the entire family shares the gardening works. Even children can undertake jobs like weeding and watering the plants.


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