Acupuncture is found to be a secure mode of Chinese medication. Through this method, the body gets encouraged to enhance its level of natural healing and the body functions get stimulated. Acupuncture points, commonly referred to as acupoints are those locations in the human body on which acupuncture, acupressure, sonopuncture and laser acupuncture treatments are focused. There are many acupuncture points in our body that are distributed along meridians. There are certain “extra points” as well, which are not linked with a particular meridian.

However, this therapy should be administered only by experts. Acupuncture treatment should strictly be restricted to the prescribed acupoints that are placed in particular body parts.
If done properly, acupuncture does not result in serious side effects. Many people who are subjected to this treatment feel a brief stinging sensation similar to that of a pinprick while the needles are being inserted. Some others feel a dull kind of pain around the needle.

Extreme care is required from the part of acupuncturists in providing the precise and secure treatment. The used needles should be sterile and should not be inserted hard into vital organs such as lungs. General body changes that are likely after the initiation of this therapy include appetite regulations, emotional changes, urinary irregularities, bowel dysfunctions etc. On seeing such changes, you will worry by all probability. But, there is absolutely no need to panic as they are strong indicators that the acupuncture therapy has started to work on your body. The general discomforts caused by this medication will be lessened within a couple of days. During the initial stages, the subjected person is likely to feel slightly disoriented. Deep state of relaxation will be attained after some regular sessions of treatment. Extreme rare risks involved in this therapy include bruising, fainting, muscle spasms, bleeding, nerve damage, injury to internal organs such as heart, spleen, kidney etc.


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