All About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be termed as an alternative medicine administered to improve a person’s mood or general aura. Through the effective employment of pleasant smells, our body’s senses get stimulated. Though candles and incense sticks are also used, fragrant oils remain to be the most important instrument of aromatherapy. The botanical oils are either massaged directly in to the skin or are added to the bathing water. The mere inhalation of these magic oils is enough to enhance your olfactory senses. If you take in the fragrance that has been allowed to spread in a closed room, you can easily free yourself from the shackles of stress, anxiety and tension. Aromatherapy also is found to possess certain healing powers.

However, oils differ in their remedial properties. For example, Lavender relieves stress where as eucalyptus makes one alert. Over a hundred antiseptic plant oils have been spotted. The oil that is used for therapeutic purposes need to be pure and natural. It is better to avoid synthetic oils. Natural oils are found to have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory powers. They are also widely appreciated for their antidepressant qualities. These fragrant oils make our body and mind relax completely. Aromatherapy is administered on women as they undergo labour pain. It is also provided to cancer patients when chemotherapy is done. Many private firms effectively make use of therapeutic oils in their office chambers in order to improve the productivity of their employees.

However, if you are going for serious aromatherapy, it is advisable to consult a specialist. This is because some oils, such as citrus ones, might make a negative impact on certain skin type. It is on the basis of your need that you should decide on a particular fragrance. Out of the thousands of aromatherapy products available in the market, an expert will help you in selecting the one that will provide the desired result.


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