Almonds are great all-rounders

Almonds have been well known for their nutritional benefits since ages. A mere one-ounce of almonds will supply our body with adequate quantities of Vitamin E, mineral salts such as magnesium, phosphorous and also dietary fibre (1.5 g fibre is available from one ounce of blanched almonds). If not blanched, almonds are even richer in their fibre content.

Actually, almonds are more abundant sources of magnesium when compared to spinach. The other nutrients found in almonds are potassium, calcium and iron. Actually, almonds are considered as the top contributors of calcium among nuts. The calcium content of one ounce of raw blanched almonds will come to 66 mg. Traces of B vitamins thiamine and riboflavin along with zinc, copper and manganese are also found in almonds.

Almonds form a healthy snack that easily makes you feel full. The protein content present in almonds will be roughly around twenty per cent. That means one ounce of almonds will provide for twelve per cent of our body’s daily protein requirement. It being a plant-based food, almonds are free from the risk of cholesterol. Vitamin E, present in the nut is a powerful antioxidant, which protects us from cancer. Phosphorous, vital for the strength of bones and teeth are also found in this ‘wonder nut’. One ounce of almonds has in it 143 mg of phosphorus. It is advisable for pregnant women to include almonds in their diet since studies have proved that almonds can effectively check many birth defects. This is because almonds are a plentiful source of folic acid. Although made available throughout the year, they are found to be sweeter and fresher during the fall season. Almond butter is a favourite source of protein of many. It will taste great as sandwich spread and as a topping for sliced bananas or apples.


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