Angelina Jolie stands for great projects

When it comes to role selection, all actors have their own standards of discretion. As far as star beauty Angelina Jolie is concerned, she is not bothered whether the particular role was intended for a man or a woman. The film project that incorporates her role has to be a real great one, that’s all.

Angelina made this clear as she was talking to Access Hollywood, the other day. Of course, the answer was given in response to her much-discussed replacement of Tom Cruise in an imminent espionage thriller that was earlier titled as “Edwin A. Salt.” This film is now being rewritten for Angie, who is famous for making successful appearances in a number of action films including “Wanted.”

This was how Angeie apparently responded to the query. “I haven’t started filming yet. It will be (happening), yes,” the actress confirmed. To the question whether she was tensed about taking over for Tom Cruise, the thirty-three year old confidently said that was not something that even bothered her.

“I never think of competing with men in this business. I just like to do projects that I think are great projects,” Angelina continued. “But, I like the idea that a serious spy thriller about a person who’s in the CIA, and deals with a lot of heavy things. It doesn’t have to always be a man… I think that’s a good thing.”

Angie also made it clear that after this spy project, she will be taking an off from acting in films for a couple of years. Of course, she was not engaged in acting for more than one year now. After finishing this new commitment, which will keep her busty for the next few months, she is going to ‘hibernate’.

“Then it’s Mister’s turn,” she said of her husband Brad Pitt. The celebrity couple seems to take turns in acting films since if both are away with film work, their brood will have to be left all alone at home.


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