Angies danger play with knives

Yes, we all know that Angelina Jolie is fond of knives. We are familiar with ‘more than enough’ exaggerating gossips on her love for knives as well. It was even rumoured that she adopts kids after conducting a fierce knife-off, with the last standing child being chosen as her new kid.

Well, the latest grape wine is that Angie flings knives at walls as she fights with her husband star, Brad Pitt. Apparently, that is Angie’s way of giving way to her blind temper! That is why; Brad has made her associate with some anger management classes recently. He is reported to have bought her a few Streaming Furies tapes in which anger management tips are being explained.

Of course, Brad has every reason to be terrified over the security of their brood. True, Angie is an expert at knife hurling, but what if a knife accidentally hurts one of their kids? Still worse will be the situation if an aimless knife damages his beloved moustache. However, Angie is so fond of knives, that she even gifted her six-year old son with a knife recently.

It is reported that Angelina mastered the art of hurling knives as part of being trained for the Tomb Raider’ movies. She is so passionately fond of this dangerous practise that more than a hobby, it has become a cathartic for her.

The new tape classes that have been bought for her by husband Brad is hoped to help Angie in gradually getting over this dangerous passion. The intention behind the classes is to introduce her to other means of safer cutlery-based catharsis. Now, Angie throws knives only at walls. It is feared that before long she will start stabbing their costly pieces of furniture as well, if not introduced to some effective anger management methods. Brad badly wants to make their palatial home a much more safer place to live.


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