Anti aging vitamins

We all love to celebrate out birthdays. But rarely do we realise that as we turn older we are getting closer and closer to the phenomenon called ageing. Though we love bithdays, we do not love to be included in the group of aged people. Ageing is termed as that phase of life when changes which have occured over time get accumulated in the body.

Gone past are the days when people reclined in to their shell when their body started showing signs of old age. Now people yearn and do look young even in their early sixties. As we near fifty, our body’s ability to process the nutrient contents diminishes. So we need to overcome this by enhancing the level of our nutrient intake. Which particular vitamins need to be provided to our body to fight aging effectively is the next question of prominence. Vitamin D, either as external supplement or through food will protect your body from the clutches of old age. Nutrients in Vitamin D prevent osteoporosis from taking place. At the age of seventy, there is a drastic reduction in the daily production of Vitamin D inside our body. Human body is capable of producing only 40 per cent of this crucial vitamin at this age. That is why it should be ensured that we supply adequate levels of this vitamin externally.

Another vitamin that should be included in the diet of senior citizens is Vitamin B complex. Deficiency of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, in the body makes us prone to heart diseases. Memory loss is another serious outcome of the falling levels of Vitamin B. Increasing the dosage of Vitamin B to 5 mg as you age will be a welcome measure. Sufficient provision of anti aging vitamins will surely help you to smoothen the wrinkles of old age.


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