Apple, Yogurt, Honey Cure for Acid Reflux

GERD or acid reflux is a common condition and can be especially painful. It is possibly one the most frequent causes or heartburn and indigestion.

As the name suggests, it is the reflux of stomach acids into the esophagus and when this happens over a continuous period, it can inflame and damage its sensitive lining.

Certain foods can aggravate your heartburn symptoms, and it’s best to limit or avoid completely those foods and drinks that result in acid reflux. There are some foods that can be consumed with discretion, foods that you may be able to enjoy occasionally.

One of the more unknown remedies for acid reflux is apple cider vinegar. In addition to treating GERD apple cider vinegar is also rumored to help with weight loss, acne, cholesterol, constipation, and heartburn. It is believed that the acidity of the vinegar mimics the acid in your stomach helping to more easily digest the food that has been eaten. The best way to take apple cider vinegar is just before or with your meal. One tablespoon mixed with water works best but make sure to use the organic variety, which still has the enzymes in it.

Natural yogurt is beneficial for acid reflux providing you eat the type which contains the active culture or acidophilus. Heartburn natural remedies like acidophilus are effectual because it is the everyday name for probiotics. Probiotics act as cures for acid reflux because they promote the multiplication of beneficial bacteria and prevent yeast infections, and as mentioned above, yeast infections are one of the causes.

It is clear that artificial honey won’t help you at all. As for pasteurized one the process of pasteurization warms honey to certain temperature to kill bacteria. The problem with that approach is that most of minerals and chemicals which honey are famous for break down in this temperature. And honey becomes just a sugar after this. So if you really want to try real honey go to the farmer’s market or Whole Foods and look for raw honey.

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Trikatu is herbal compound that is considered as potent carminative as it provides a natural and safe support system for gastric function associated with gaseous distension.

It is used in:

– As Natural Appetite Suppresant so in indigestion
– In abdominal gas
– To restore lipids and cholesterols levels in the body

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Ginger Supplements

A traditional remedy for stomach upset, ginger helps to eliminate gas and soothes the intestinal tract. It can be taken as a supplement or eaten with meals.

The pickled form, which often accompanies dishes at Asian restaurants, is believed to offer at least as many of the health benefits as the fresh form. It is much in vogue as a great home remedy for flatulence and colic pain or disturbances. Ginger has also been used as one of the most important ingredients of some anti-narcotic preparations.

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