Are naps really powerful

By mid-day, your body has every reason to feel exhausted, as it has been eight hours since you got up. But, your mind too is right when it urges the body not to take a nap, as you need to spend a few more hours at the office. But, studies indicate that naps are power-packed.

They help in reducing stress and also improve your cognitive power. Naps are associated with better efficiency and increased output. It is estimated that twenty minutes of sleep in the afternoon is much more beneficial than an equal amount of sleep in the morning.

However, it is advisable to limit the duration of your nap between twenty and thirty minutes. Experts warn that sleep of a longer duration is likely to take you to deeper levels of sleep from which it is hard to be awakened. Moreover, naps of a longer duration prevent you from having a goodnight’s sleep. If you only have a minimal five minutes to spare, it is advisable to close your eyes and take deep breathes.

In this way, you can provide the much-needed relief to your brain and body. It not only helps you in minimizing stress, but also serves as an energy- boost that helps in completing the remaining tasks of the day cheerfully.

Small children are privileged enough to take sound afternoon naps. But, most of us are deprived of such comforts in the busy world of responsibilities. In such a scenario, it is important to realize that lack of adequate rest impairs mental abilities such as judgment, vision, overall performance, motivation, patience, alertness etc. Moreover, it adversely affects brain–controlled activities such as memory and information processing.

Fatigued people, who deny themselves the comfort of sleep, also experience more moodiness, aggressive behaviors and stress. If you cannot spare even five minutes for midday nap, why not give meditation a try? Meditation effectively slows down the pace of your brain waves similar to sleep.


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