Are perfumes harmful

Did you know that perfume is a big toxic offender? The major ingredients that go into the making of perfume are the ones that constitute gasoline!  Lack of effective regulation enables the perfume companies to add any number of chemicals in fragrance without revealing what those chemicals are and how harmful they are to us.

Most of the headaches that we get are migraine attacks. Majority of the people with migraine problems are found to be sensitive to fragrance. The company of people who wear perfumes and colognes immediately triggers a severe migraine attack.

It is found that more and more people are adversely affected by the exposure to certain fragrances, including perfumes and scented products. These products include health and beauty aids, paper products, plastics, industrial greases, laundry aids, household cleaners, paper products, oils and solvents, drugs, and even food materials.

Manufacturers are not even legally bound to explain the chemical makeup of such fragrance. It being a trade secret, they simply have to state the name of the particular fragrance used. In reality, majority of the chemicals used in perfumes are synthetic compounds that are petroleum-based.

Fragrances make their way into our body through the mouth by ingestion, the nose by inhalation, or the skin by absorption. Fragrance chemicals not only affect many parts of the skin but also affect organs such as lungs, nose, eyes, and the brain. Breathlessness and asthma-like indications are body’s ways of reacting to strong fragrances.

Most of the chemical ingredients of fragrances are volatile organic compounds that are known respiratory irritants. Certain perfumes all the more worsen sinus problems and sneezing. Many skin allergies are directly related to the use of particular perfumes. Inhalation of certain fragrances can cause migraine headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. The skin reacts to irritating fragrance chemicals by producing rashes, hives, dermatitis, or eczema. Other symptoms of harsh fragrance exposure include watery eyes, nausea, cough, sore throat, and chest tightness.


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