Aromatherapy Herbal Packs

If you suffer from pain caused by injury, illness, tense muscles or sinus problems you may be familiar with the benefits of a heating pad. Add to this the benefits of herbs and spices for an increasingly popular remedy, the aromatherapy herbal pack.

Read on to learn how to select an aromatherapy herbal pack.

These days, aromatherapy is used on all four of our states – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental which makes it a popular natural health option for today’s hectic life. Aromatherapy herbal packs are made from all natural sources using wheat, oats, flax seeds or cherry stones. When heated or cooled in an oven or microwave they can provide a comforting heated soother. Lavender oil is popularly extracted from the flowers and is used as an anti-septic or as an aromatherapy oil with healing properties which sooth, calm and relax; its sweet scented overtones make it a pleasant oil to use within herbal packs.

They provide relief through several methods: firstly they stimulate the sensory receptors meaning that through applying heat it decreases the transmission of pain signals to the brain to relieve discomfort. Secondly the herbal heat pack dilates the blood vessels of the muscles increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles to help heal the damage tissues. Lastly the application of heat helps stretch the soft tissues to decrease stiffness and injury to provide flexibility and a feeling of comfort.

Aromatherapy herbal packs are an extremely inexpensive form of therapy and are easy for anyone to do – it’s an option you can use for relief at work, home or the car! Mostly the main appeal of heat therapy is that it provides a non-invasive, non-chemical, purely natural form of relief for a variety of aches and pains.

Precautions to be taken while using Aromatherapy herbal packs:

• Look for an aromatherapy herbal pack that serves double duty as an ice pack if cold therapy is needed.

Aromatherapy packs lack hard evidence as to whether the benefits are substantially improved over their unscented competitors, proponents of aromatherapy find these scented hot and cold packs facilitate pain relief and relaxation.

• Be cautious when taking a heated aromatherapy herbal pack out of the microwave and avoid overheating.

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