Ashley Jensen against flipping out stars

Ugly Betty” star and her husband, Terrence Beesley, have made news by filing a lawsuit against “Flipping Out” stars Jeff Lewis and his associate Ryan Brown. The thirty-nine year -old Ashley Jensen has filed the case in Los Angeles Superior Court. In the filed suit, the couple argues that Lewis and his company, Vicious Investments, Inc has crossed the line while renovating a property that lies next to their own.

The trouble apparently began as a deck Lewis constructed on the fixer-upper home encroached on the couple’s property. The suit even alleges that Jeff and his company made such improvements to the neighboring property “without obtaining the required building permits.” Soon, things gained gravity and within no time Lewis made the first move by asking for an easement. It was the right to leave the encroachment. According to the court papers, his offer was of $10,000 for the easement and demanded $100,000 instead.

Lewis sure was irritated and is said to have visited the couple late on one night. During this visit, he reportedly threatened to cast them in a “negative light” on the Bravo show. He also did not forget to warn them that their lives will be made “miserable” by him as he moves in next door.

However, the court produced a temporary restraining order against Lewis. According to this order, Lewis is asked to stay fifty feet away from the couple’s home. He is not allowed to harass, assault or trespass on the property. Apparently, Lewis has denied all acts of offence that have been charged against him.

He feels that the encroachment dispute involving the couple and him should have been settled amicably at an informal level itself. “I have never threatened either of them with physical harm, nor was I abusive or verbally threatening to either of them,” Lewis said. He finds the entire episode as a move to exploit his personality in order to gain media publicity.


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  1. alicia says:

    Does this ugly betty star have anything else better to do than to sue Jeff Lewis i mean are you not rich enough that you have to take from someone else foe that than always want to say what is legal if you mind your business more often you wouldn’t even noticed some people

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