Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby are together again

Celebrity star Justin Bobby (wearing nothing less than overalls) was spotted as bringing Audrina Patridge coffee the other day in West Hollywood. Apparently, he then got into a car with her. Their reunion caught media attention since Patridge had announced in her web site that everything between her and boyfriend Bobby was definitely done with.

She was terribly upset, as Bobby was not willing to speak to her. His silence made her disturbed all the more as he was said to be hooked up with Lauren Conrad. This incident gathered much publicity as two episodes of MTV’s ‘The Hills’ focussed on this issue.

“As for Justin, his inexcusable behaviour has become somewhat expected at this point,” Patridge had written. “I just want to say that if I were looking for a serious relationship, I would definitely be looking elsewhere!”

Audrina Patridge is even said to have had a heated exchange on ‘The Hills’ recently over the rumours. But on her blog, however, Patridge refused to have called Lauren a ‘slut,’ ‘bad friend, ‘or a ‘shady person….'”. She even went to the extent of justifying her stand by stating that Lauren misinterpreted her.

An angry Patridge was giving vent to her feelings when she said Conrad and Bobby treated her as if she “wasn’t worthy of an explanation.” Fans even heard her say that their behaviour was much intimate than what was rumoured about them. She apparently was denied a genuine answer and the situation only worsened when she tried to get an explanation from them.

But, Patridge who angrily wrote that she was glad that it was all over now seems to be happy again in the company of Bobby. Who knows, she might have finally realised that after all, ‘communication itself is the key to get rid of all that really bothers you’.


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