Ayurvedic beauty tips

The term ‘Ayurveda’ is a Sanskrit coinage from the words, “ayur” and “Veda”. Ayurveda is thus a storehouse of knowledge that enables you to lead a long and healthy life. It should not be set apart as an ancient branch of science, but should be embraced as a cordial mode of life. Natural beauty tips have carved a special place for them in this profound arena of medication that envelops our mind, soul and body.

As in every other walk of life, the ever-increasing rate of pollution has left its mark on our skin tone. Our skin has no other means but to fall prey to the onslaught of harmful chemicals. It is here that ayurvedic medicine comes to our rescue. It helps our skin to regain its lost natural balance and also provides it a touch of glow. These ancient tips offered by ayurveda, can be completely believed since they have successfully withstood the test of time. Moreover, since they are natural in every sense, they will certainly be devoid of any side effects. In short, what ayurveda offers us is a completely harmless and easy way for attaining healthy skin.

Here are a few of those magical secrets unfolded. Just experiment and feel the difference with out spending huge sums for expensive treatments. Limejuice mixed with equal quantities of cucumber juice and rose water if applied daily on washed face is sure to make your skin clearer. Who does not want their face to be devoid of blackheads and pimples? Ayurveda has the solution: Apply glycerin, rose water and lime juice, taken in equal measures to your skin daily to make it free from such irregularities Orange juice makes skin soft and smooth. Here is good news for those who badly want to get rid off those unwanted hair from your face. Pure powdered turmeric mixed with wheat flour will save you from this headache. Carrot juice when applied to any skin type will leave it glowing. Cabbage paste with honey is an active age defying agent. However, the key word in Ayurvedic treatment is consistency. If used regularly, these beauty tips will do wonders for you.

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