Baby Bibs

Baby bib is an essential item for newborns. Bib is a piece of cloth or plastic secured under the chin and worn, especially by small children, to protect the clothing while eating.

Like other items for newborns, baby bibs must be integrated in the list of items for newborn by the parents. Parents like to buy baby clothes, which give their newborn a cute look. The same applies to bibs. Parents look to buy a baby bib that is unique and different from all others so that their baby looks cute while wearing bib.

Manufacturers and designers of baby wear and baby basics should keep this thing in their minds that all items for babies, especially newborns, should be designed in such a way that baby should look cute while wearing these cloths or other items like bibs, booties etc.

Baby wear manufacturers use diverse material, different styles for bibs. Embroidery is done on some bibs to make them beautiful and good looking. White or colored terry, denim, chambray and other fabric is used in the manufacturing of baby bibs. Simple or appliquéd embroidery is used to make it cute and beautiful.

Usually Velcro is used to lock or close the bib around baby’s neck to keep the bib in position during feeding. In good bibs a long Velcro strip is provided to allow for growth, giving longer bib use. Christening bibs are also well-liked among moms.

OSR International offers a variety of exclusively designed baby bibs in different material, designed for different occasion, like christening bibs, and in different embroidery styles. Our appliquéd terry/velour Velcro-closure bib is great for infants and young toddlers.

OSR International is UK’s leading Manufacturer and Wholesaler of baby basics, baby wear and baby shoes for babies up to 23 months. We specialize in newborn baby wear, baby shoes, baby fun footwear, baby christening wear, baby diapers, baby gift sets, baby essentials including baby bibs, baby sleep suits, baby bathrobes, baby shawls, baby mittens, body vest, hats, baby blankets and much more.

Tips for choosing baby bib

– Darker fabrics are best since it will hide stains.
– It’s much easier to take a baby’s measurements while it is sleeping. You can also measure a bib you have or use a shirt as the pattern.
– Be sure to measure around the neck loosely and that your ribbons are long enough. Make sure they don’t pose a choking risk.

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