Baby Footprint Kit

A baby footprint kit contains all the materials and gear you’ll need to make a enduring and lasting image or impression of your baby’s sweet little foot or handprint. Time flies by all too quickly, especially in those hectic days following your baby’s arrival.

Babies grow quickly too, so by making baby footprints or handprints when your bundle of joy is at that cute and cuddly stage is a beautiful way of capturing the happiness and innocence of those special times for posterity.

Buying a baby footprint kit is easy online, saving you the hassle of sourcing all the materials from different crafts stores. Various kits are available. Those that enable you to make a baby ink footprint are very popular, and contain safe, non-toxic materials that are perfect for making prints of those tiny toes and hands. Ink footprints and handprints can be used to make christening invitations, added to scrapbooks and photo albums, or put in a frame.

Another type of baby footprint kit is one that includes a special type of soft clay that enables you to make cute impressions of your baby’s little feet and hands. These types of baby footprints and handprints make pleasant gifts for parents and grandparents, and are wonderful keepsakes to display in your home or in the office, as a prompt of those treasured moments in your child’s life.

Baby hand and footprint kits often comprise accessories to help you show your creation, such as a special frame and mount. A baby footprint frame makes a beautiful ornament. Frames can include space for a special photo or a heartfelt poem, to add that extra special personal touch. Kits of baby foot and handprint crafts are inexpensive to buy and can be delivered direct to your door if you shop online. Make sure the chance doesn’t pass you by – babies don’t stay so small and tiny for long!

Woman’s Multi Liquid Supplements

Woman’s Multi liquid is an remarkable blend of whole foods intended to provide the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and amino acids your body deserves

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– Sea Vegetables also provides most of the nutrients.
– It has 3 major enzymes that are good for digestion.

Wheat Grass Supplements

– Increase of hemoglobin production
– Rebuilding of the blood stream
– Purifying the blood
– Improving the body’s ability to heal wounds
– Neutralizing toxins and carcinogens in the body
– Helping to purify the liver

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