Baby Footprint Poem

A baby footprint poem can let you discover your creative side while showing your love for your child. What better way to express your emotions than to say them in words with a poem.
There are few better ways to create that lasting memento of your child than by using baby’s foot imprint or handprint for that matter. Your words combined with your child’s impression can be joined together forever for a cherished memory.

To start, get your baby at ease in a highchair or basinet near you and the work area where you’ll be creating the baby footprint poem. You’ll need to have access to your baby’s feet and hands. Some people prefer to have their baby in a highchair, and then press the paper to the baby’s foot. Others hold the child in their lap, then stand up with the baby in their arms and use a free hand to press the baby’s foot on to the paper lying on the table. Take a moment to practice urgent your baby’s foot (or hand) on to a blank piece of paper. The easier this is for the both of you, the better your poem will look. Once you’ve found the most comfortable way for both of you, then it’s time for paint.

Paint your baby’s foot with the water based paint using either a brush or a sponge.

While the paint is still wet, get the printout of the poem, and either press it against your baby’s foot, or put it on a flat surface and press your baby’s foot against it. Be sure to press lightly. It may take a few tries to get a good print, which will mean repainting your baby’s foot a few times. If the foot gets too wet, the paint drips. If this happens, grab a blank piece of paper, do a quick imprint, then immediately to a second imprint on the printed out poem. Depending on the thickness of the paint, from time to time the second imprint looks best.

After you have got a few good prints, clean up your baby next. After they are cleaned up and content, then go back to the prints.

If you want, you can just pick your favorite print, pin it up on the wall, and be done. It might be nice to write the date and the baby’s name on the bottom of the print. You could also paste a photograph of your baby on the sheet. And if you want to frame the footprint to give as a gift, most stationary stores, gift stores and even department stores have lots of reasonably priced frames to choose from. If you are going to frame the baby footprint poem, try to maintain a one or two inch border around the outside of the sheet – it makes framing much easier and more gorgeous.

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