Baby Footprint

So here are some creative ideas that you can use in creating your own baby shower footprint invitation.

Baby footprint idea no. 1 – Printed – A simple printed baby footprint can be a ton of fun. You can use a outline of a baby footprint to make the design.

This will show the heel, toes and side of the foot. It will look as if a baby stepped in ink and then stamped the card with their feet. You can find clip art online by searching, use a stamp, use a real baby or even just untraced draw your own.

To put a little action into the baby shower footprint incitement you can make a series of footprints and make them decrease in size from large to smaller. This will give the illusion that the person leaving the prints is walking into the card. This is a great way to draw the attention of the viewer into the card and then place your important text information right above this.

Baby footprint idea no. 2 – Stamps – Stamping has become a very well-liked craft and is use widely among printers and crafters in the business of making invitations. You can easily purchase baby footprint stamps of varying sizes from your local craft store or on the Internet. These can make a fun and fancy decoration to the invitation. There are so many things you can do by varying the colors, size of the stamp and the paper the potential are really endless.

As an alternative you can purchase a large stamp and simply stamp a big filled in silhouetted image smack dab in the middle of the invitation. Then you can imaginatively with fun colored pens write all around the footprint following the outline of it. This makes another fun creative and even whimsical invitation.

Baby footprint idea no. 3 – Embossing – This is where the baby footprint is raised from the page. There are two types of embossing. The first is by using a professional printer and paying to have the cards done. A printer can actually emboss the paper and have a raised footprint right in the paper. A baby footprint embossed onto a beautifully textured pure white piece of paper can look very elegant!

The embossing powder will stick tot he wet ink. You can then hold the piece of paper over a light bulb or use an embossing gun to heat the powder. Once it gets hot it will melt and adhere to the paper. This makes a fun and easy way to have a very elegant gold embossed baby footprint shower invitation.

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