Baby Hand and Footprint

If you think that the time requires more than just a baby hand and footprint you can always buy an extra “normal” gift to present as well. But I will assure you that there is not much in this world as great as there types of gifts.

Filled with love and you can not buy them for all the money in the world. Just like the MasterCard commercial says: “It is invaluable”.

How to create a baby hand and footprint

So if you make a decision to give this gift then how do you go about creating it? Well there are many ways to do this but for it to be special I advocate that you do as much as possible yourself so that it’ll be highly unique.

The way that most people use is to go find a kit to create the baby handprints and footprints easily and painlessly. If might cost you from 10 to 100 $ or more but it all depends on what you would want to create.

If you are going for the paste solution the price will be in the lower range and that is actually the solution that most people go for. If you are not as creative as you though you were you can always go buy another kit and still be able to keep your shirt on.

One way to find a baby handprint or footprint kit is to go to one of the major search engines and search for terms like “handprint kit” or “footprint kit”. This will generate a lot of results but if you look at the right side you will find the Google Adwords (Advertisements). If people are willing to pay to have their ads shown you know that this is somewhat serious people and you might find that this is the better and safer way to go.

When you have searched for the terms that you find suitable you can buy the kit and have it shipped to your door. When it arrives you are ready to get started.

Most footprint and handprint kits have a manual that you can follow so that you can make the paste just right.

A good idea would be to read through the entire manual before starting the handprint or footprint creation process. It would be a shame if the paste thickened before you were able to place your baby’s hand or foot in it.

You can add color to the track if you feel like it but a white baby keepsake plate will also be beautiful in the eyes if a grandparent.

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