Baby Ink Footprint

Making a baby ink footprint or handprint is lovely thing to do, ensuring that the tiny size of those cute little feet and hands is captured forever. Ink baby footprints and handprints make treasured presents for close family members.

A baby handprint picture can be displayed in a special baby footprint frame, pasted into a baby scrapbook or photo album, or used to make unique christening invitations. The choice is yours, and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with your baby’s ink hand and footprints.

An incredibly easy way to make a baby ink footprint is by using a readymade baby footprint kit, which will include all the items you’ll need. This can save you the time and hassle of having to purchase the materials individually from crafts stores. Kits for making ink foot and handprints are inexpensive to buy and make ideal baby shower gifts for mum.

A baby ink footprint kit usually includes an inkless wipe and specially coated paper for making the prints on. The wipes used to make baby ink footprints are non-toxic and don’t make a mess. Simply wipe your baby’s hand or foot, then press it onto the paper. You can choose whether to make a series of footprints or handprints, to display along with a poem or picture in a frame, or you could cut out individual prints. However you use your baby hand and footprints, you’re sure to cherish those little ink prints forever more.

Baby hand and baby ink footprints are some of the most precious keepsakes. Whether moms and dads have one child or a dozen, you can bet somewhere in a special memory box or baby scrapbook there’s a hand print and foot print for each child. Is there any wonder that baby foot prints and hand prints have a category in the craft community that’s all their own? There are lots of unique baby hand print footprint crafts in baby blue for boys and pretty pink for an infant of the feminine persuasion.

There are lots of cute and artistic projects for baby feet prints that are so cheap that parents have to really work fast to get them all completed while their child is still an infant! Chances are that the hospital presented the parents with their first set of baby handprints and footprints along with mommy’s thumb prints.

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