Baby Keepsake Footprint

The majority of Baby keepsake footprint are sold in the form of kits, where the actual process of obtaining the impression of the baby’s foot or hand is left to the customer. Usually this is either done via the use of ink or non-toxic air-drying impression materials.

Keepsake kits provide a cheap, quick and fun way of obtaining a baby keepsake footprint and also gives you the added sense of satisfaction / achievement once you have the finished product.

That said it is possible to get a professional to produce Baby keepsake footprint for you, although it is a more expensive and time consuming (up to 10 weeks) process. Keepsakes produced by professionals are of high-quality and are much more aesthetically pleasing as much higher-quality materials are used compared to Baby keepsake footprint kits.

Each type of keepsake has it’s own advantages and disadvantages and these are discussed in the “Types of Keepsake” section. When reading over the information provided on this page you should try to keep in mind that keepsakes are long term investments and therefore the price should not be the main factor in determining which keepsake you choose.

Baby prints creates a new standard for baby keepsakes. It is designed to provide years of joy for parents, grandparents, friends and family. Simply capture the impression by pressing the child’s foot into the impression material. Allow the impression to air dry overnight, and then close the frame. The kits can be assembled at-home without sending components back to the manufacturer. Baby prints kits come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors

One of the most treasured baby keepsake footprint of all to any new parent would be a child’s precious footprints and handprints. You might not think they are so cute later on when they are all over nursery walls alternated in peanut butter and purple grape jelly, but for now they are so cute it’s hard to believe that you would ever have the heart to wash them away.

When the doctor dismisses you from the hospital, you will more than likely be issued a document with your thumb prints and baby’s black ink footprints on it. When you get home, pull out the baby keepsake footprint kit that you got at the shower and try your hand at making your own imprints.

Another idea would be to make your baby keepsake footprint while baby is sound asleep. This might be the best way to keep your infant from splattering ink all over your house. Getting ink rolled or brushed onto little feet and hands tickles which is good for a laugh, but it might not be the easiest way to get a clear baby keepsake footprint.

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