Baby massage

Many cultures in the world have used massage as most important section of baby-care since many centuries and there is lots of research that show that baby massage can have great health benefits. Massage can enable you to know about and respond to the baby’s body language.

Baby massage is also a wonderful technique to make the infant feel safe and secure by showing that they have been so loved and cared about. There is no sure way to massage the infant – provided the mother knows how to do it safely, the mother and her baby will discover what suits best for both of them. It is very essential to remember, nevertheless, that massage is something the mother does with, rather than her infant!

It is advisable that the mother learns from someone who is qualified in baby massage, or from some midwives or health visitors, to ensure she is doing it safely. Various methods have been used in baby massage, with the various strokes focusing a particular therapy. Special baby massage is performed to overcome daily health issues of the baby such as gas and colic.

Baby massage’s some strokes are called as Indian milking that is a gentle strokes given on the infant’s legs and the twist and squeeze strokes that is soft squeezing of the muscles present in thighs and calves. The light feathery strokes are often employed in regular Swedish massage but then, they are to be performed at the end of massage session.

Benefits of baby massage

• It offers infant parent attachment or bond
• It offers relaxation
• It makes baby feel loved and cared
• It offers better and sound sleep
• It offers facilitation of body awareness
• It boosts immune system and gives sensory stimulation
• It offers skin fairness
• It improves blood circulation
• Baby massage helps in digestion and waste elimination.
• It helps balancing respiration
• It heals teething problems
• Helps mother learning about her child
• It helps stimulating the production of oxytocin, the hormone that can be produced by both male and female during massage. The hormone is considered to be useful as a pain reliever and has soothing effects on the person


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