Baby Memories

Most mothers share a common guilt about not doing enough to maintain their child’s memories — no matter how much they do. Maria Fregosi of Boca Raton recorded baby memories of her son’s milestones on a calendar has a traditional photo album and lots of video, but still wishes she had done more.

Ellen Schulman of Lighthouse Point has keepsake boxes, photo albums and has kept written journals for her daughters and still she says she wants to cry every time she meets one of those “Creative baby Memories” moms.

If you’re like most parents, there will just never be enough time to keep up with a scrapbook, diary, web site, video log, photo album, portfolio of prized artwork and schoolwork or anything else you use to protect your child’s childhood. Face it: You’re going to feel guilty about not doing enough. All we can say is, get used to it, get over it and get on with what you can do.

Granted, time for keepsake-making is in short supply, whether you’re a new parent or have older children. You just have to dig right in, taking it one picture or journal entry at a time. And the first step is to make a decision what the best way for you to keep up is.

Kelly Dumas, author of Before You Forget… The Wisdom of Writing Diaries for Your Children, and a copious journal writer, says parents shouldn’t look at preserving baby memories as something you should be doing just for’ your child. “Parents should choose a method in that the process is nurturing and beneficial to them as well as their kids,” she says.

When choosing a method to preserve your child’s most precious moments, consider your own personality and abilities. Are you creative and adventurous? Do you love making crafts and consider working with scissors and glue a form of play? Or does the sight of clutter unsettle you? Do you enjoy writing letters or keep a diary? Are you computer-literate? Do you know your way around the Internet? Do you own a video camera and know how to use it? Your answers will indicate what method is best for you. Base your decision on what you enjoy doing for yourself.

You can ensure that your baby memories would be your by following the above mentioned methods.

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