Baby Middle Name

Tips for choosing a baby middle name

Baby middle name tip 1 – Use a family name – You might like to choose a middle name honoring a member of your family – one of the baby’s grandparents, maybe. The only problem here is that any other grandparents may feel jealous.

So a little diplomacy may be in order if you decide to do this! Using a baby middle name originating from further back in your family tree might be an interesting choice. In fact, even if you know very little about your ancestry, older family members might have some nuggets of information – as well as name ideas – that would give you a suitable name with a family connection. Another suggestion here – how about baby middle name that takes its inspiration from a family surname?

Baby middle name tip 2 – Make it fit – Choose a baby middle name that contrasts with AND complements the names surrounding it. If the first name is a popular name, choose something a little more out of the ordinary. Try thinking about exotic middle names! And of course, if your baby’s first name is an exotic or unusual baby name – maybe something a little more everyday will suit. In either case, try to choose a name that means something to yourself – and then you will be able to explain, when asked in the future, why you chose that particular name.

Baby middle name tip 3 – Choose a baby middle name that has rhythm! – It may have more or less syllables than the first name. The only way to find out if a name sounds good is if you say all three names (if you’re sticking to three) out loud.

Baby middle name tip 4 – Watch those initials – Not only the initials for the first and last name! If you’re choosing a middle name, check out any weird words that might crop up in a trio of initials: You don’t want to end up with an “acronym baby” called IBM or BMW – do you? Or, even worse, a baby whose three initials spell a word that would make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Baby middle name tip 5 – Try something popular – If you’re really stuck for a middle name for your baby, why not try a selection of middle names from the top 100 baby names? You may find just the name you’re looking for!

Baby middle name tip 6 – Go traditional – Peruse my list of baby middle names that will be familiar to parents and grandparents alike. 20th Century here we come! Good luck with your choice of baby middle name. It’s a tricky issue for many parents – so start thinking about it now! You won’t regret it – and, with enough thought and care – neither will your baby!

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  1. Anik says:

    I wanted to know whether Middle names are compulsory in some countries. I wanted to name my second baby girl this week. My first girl has got only 2 names i.e First name and Last name.

    Please reply.

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