Baby Nursing Pillow

What should you look for in a baby nursing pillow?

Everyone seems to have a difference of opinion but here are some things you should consider:

Baby nursing pillow tip 1 – Adjustable Height – Companies seem to think there is one proper height to baby nursing pillows.

That can’t possibly be true since no two women are built alike. The correct height for a baby nursing pillow is dependent on the length of a woman’s torso, the size of her breasts, the length of her arms and the size of her baby’s head. To further complicate things, your baby’s head will constantly grow and your breasts will constantly change size. You want a baby nursing pillow that you can easily adjust as often as needed.

Baby nursing pillow tip 2 – Ergonomic Design – Every baby nursing pillow claims to be ergonomic. A baby nursing pillow that requires you to support your baby’s weight, even though it supports you while you are doing that, is NOT ergonomic. A baby nursing pillow that is not the right height and thereby causes you to slouch down is NOT ergonomic. A nursing feeding pillow that supports your baby’s weight at the correct height, thereby allowing you to comfortably sit up straight alleviates the physical stressors involved with breastfeeding and IS ergonomic.

Baby nursing pillow tip 3 – Flexibility and Ease of Use – A baby nursing pillow should be easy to use and work in a variety of positions. Beware of any baby nursing pillow that comes with a videotape of instructions. Additionally, straps, buckles, Velcro and arms can be very cumbersome to fiddle with while you are trying to breastfeed a baby. They also mean that a baby nursing pillow is meant to be used in one position only. You and your baby will likely find new breast feeding positions as you become more familiar with breast feeding. An inflexible baby nursing pillow will not support that. You also want to be sure that your baby nursing pillow fits in any chair you decide to use. Many of them have arms that are too wide or back supports that will dig into your back when you lean back in the chair. And once you are done breastfeeding, you want to easily remove the pillow while you are holding your baby.

Baby nursing pillow tip 4 – Inclined to Facilitate Digestion – Many doctors are now beginning to attribute colic to undiagnosed reflux and/or improper digestion. Feeding your baby in the angle that best facilitates digestion is critical to your baby’s comfort and possibly to your sanity.

Baby nursing pillow tip 5 – Sanitary Design – Look for a baby nursing pillow that has an inner waterproof cover and a removable, washable outer cover. If you wash an outer cover but allow spit-up or urine to enter the pillow itself you are inviting bacteria to breed. Anytime you wash a fiberfill pillow you want to be 100% sure that it is completely dry inside or you are inviting mold.

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