Baby Quilt

Making a baby quilt is not as intimidating as it sounds. It can be a bit time consuming and require a certain quantity of originality but once it is done the kind of approval that is derived is beyond description. So, next time you have a baby shower to go to, make a baby quilt.

The quilt can be made with the aim for the instant use of the baby or till it is 3 years old. Later on he quilt can be used as a doll blanket for the child to play with. Essentially it should be big enough to cover the baby, but small enough to drag around devoid of leaving a winding trail of blanket for others to trip over.

A quilt that is 3×5 feet roughly will fit nicely in a crib. But a lot depends on the pattern that is being used, as the beauty of the quilt is a combination of its size and the design. Expediency also plays a part when some small quilts are used to fit in a bassinet but the child will outgrow it very fast. Different mothers use different techniques to make quilts. There are some that use any arbitrary fabric and pattern. The logic is that if it is meant to be used then one should not mind if it starts looking used.

An extremely beautiful quilt will be used by the baby as it pleases. They may not take the aesthetics into thought!! Every quit will end with a few stains some of them permanent ones; the only consideration is that the baby should enjoy it. If the mother is very meticulous about her quilt then she can make some and hang them on the quilt rack that is off-limits for the children. Some mothers have had the experience of reopening the quilt after the baby has grown up. This is a moving moment because all the memories come flooding back.

Colors for baby quilts do not have to be pink or blue any longer. Any pastel is pretty, soft, and delicate, like a new baby. Yellow and green are favorites. Seasonal colors can also be used. White for winter, green for Christmas, Easter egg colors for the festive season, bright colors that imitate flowers for summer and brown, orange, red and yellow for fall. Card designs such as hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs are nice patterns for a baby quilt.

The overall color scheme can be shades of red/pink/white, or blue/white, or even purple/white. Hand embroidery around the outline of the main design makes it extra special. It will hold up in the wash if done properly. Tying a baby quilt through all the layers makes finishing it go quicker. But hand quilting makes an heirloom. Remember not to adorn it with buttons or beads, as it could be a choking hazard.

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