Baby Shower Games

Baby shower games can be both silly and amusing. Some are intended to embarrass the mom- or dad-to-be, but others can really be fun and may even teach you something. The promise of a prize, however small, adds to the fun.

These are some of our favorite shower games:

Baby shower games no. 1 – Guess the Girth

Check with the guest of honor in advance on this one. Some women may find this game a bit too personal, but if she’s not shy, it can be a lot of fun. All you need is a ball or two of string. Ask guests to cut a length of string that they think will stretch around the future mom’s belly. After everyone has had a turn, the mother-to-be measures and cuts a string that fits her belly. Compare her string to the pieces of string from each guest. The person who is closest wins. You’ll be amazed at what people’s estimates are. It’s a great icebreaker and always good for some laughs.

Baby shower games no. 2 – Baby Picture Match Game

Before the shower, ask the guests for pictures of themselves as babies. Assemble the photos on a board and assign each a number. During the shower, pass out sheets of paper to the guests so they can match each baby to the appropriate grown-up. If the guests don’t know each other well, name tags can help the process. The person who gets the most correct answers wins.

Baby shower games no. 3 – Baby Quiz

Ask the grandparents to write down what the parents were like as babies, and include vital statistics such as time of birth, height, weight, first tooth, first smile, age when toilet-trained, and early signs of their personality. Based on that information, make up a quiz about the future parents to hand out to guests. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Baby shower games no. 4 – Melt the Ice

The day before the shower, freeze diaper pins, miniature pacifiers, tiny plastic babies, or similar items in ice cube trays. Give each guest an ice cube in a glass of water or other drink. The first person whose ice has melted so that the frozen item floats freely in the glass shouts, “My water broke!” and wins the game.

Baby shower games no. 5 – Swaddle/Dress the Baby

Get a life-size baby doll, receiving blanket, cloth diaper, diaper wrap, and onesie. Guests take turns trying to either dress or swaddle the baby. Time each guest — the one who does it fastest wins.

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