Baby Shower Invitations

One of the first things to set the mood and style for a baby shower is the invitation your guests receive. Fortunately the Internet is full of selections, making it needless to leave the comfort of home when shopping for this item.

Casual or formal, cute or elegant, we’ve looked high and low to turn up the best baby shower invitations obtainable online. You’ll find a wide selection of invitation styles and prices in the list of links below. There are even a couple of choices for invitations printed on chocolate bar wrappers. That’s what I call a sweet invitation!

This collection leads to sites that have at least more than a few choices to help make your shopping more efficient. All of these invitations can be personalized, and some companies will even do the work of addressing and mailing them for you.

Invitations should be sent four to six weeks prior to the shower. Don’t forget to include the following information:

Baby shower invitations tip 1 – Name of guest of honor – the first point is choosing the name of the guest. That you will you want to call and who will grace you occasion. Try to include as much as kids in the baby shower party.

Baby shower invitations tip 2 – Date – date of the occasion should be clearly mentioned and the day should be chosen that can be easily spared by the invitees. Prefer to keep Sunday or some holiday as the baby shower day.

Baby shower invitations tip 3 – Time – the time should be chosen which should be convenient for your guests to come. Try to choose time that is of day time as baby shower party comprises maximum of kids and it is easier for kids to come in the day time as compared to the night.

Baby shower invitations tip 4 – Place – this is one of the most important aspects while deciding for the baby shower party. The place should be convenient for all your visitors. The preferable place should home but it should be easily approachable for your guests. More over things must be approachable from the party venue.

Baby shower invitations tip 5 – Whether it will be a surprise – if these kind of parties are surprise thane it will surely add to the charm of the occasion

Tip 6 – RSVP date and phone number or return card – this part is also important in the baby shower invitation. The contact person should have mentioned his contact details and phone numbers also.
Don’t miss the links at the end for suggested wording on your invitations.

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