Baby Shower

A baby shower is a party in that parents or expectant parents obtain gifts for their newborn or expected child. By convention, a baby shower is planned to help parents get items that they need for their baby, such as baby clothes.

It is a popular tradition in the U.S. and in other cultures, often influenced by American culture or media. In some countries this party is not celebrated until the baby is born.

So you are preparing a baby shower. A nice idea. Below are some suggestions that will help you in organizing the baby shower better.

If you feat that this is a bit left field and your guests might be painful, you could incorporate some significant gestures into the standard shower. Still ask guests to bring gifts, but you could also ask them to:

– Write down why they think the mother-to-be will make a good mother, or record hopeful words to help her during childbirth. The host could then have the words printed and framed to make a lasting gift.

– Think of some meaningful advice for the mother-to-be. Tell guests previous to the event that you will be passing around a journal and asking them to write their counsel in it. Present this as a gift to the guest of honor.

– Bring a strip of cloth on which a birth message or positive message has been written, then join them all together to make a chain of power.

– Embroider a positive message on a square of material and then sew it into a baby’s quilt or cushion. This requires some previous planning and coordination.

Baby shower Eats & Treats

Indulgence is essential at a baby shower! As each guest to bring a plate of sweet or savory eats, or if you’re going for a themed shower try these treats.
Bake a normal sponge cake, ice and decorate with.

– Yellow rubber ducky, baby bath toys and matching ribbon.

– Dummy & ribbon

– Newborn nappy or colorful nappy pins

– Chocolate cherubs

– Jelly babies

If you want to be a little more elaborate, you could make/order:

– A baby pram cake

– Booties cake

– Baby bib cake

– Bunny cake

– Rocking hose cake

– Nursery rhyme cake

Baby Shower Items to Budget For:

· Invitations

· Food

· Decorations

· Rentals-chairs, tables

· Location Reservations-(if it is not held at home)

· Games and Prizes

· favors (if they are normal for your area)

· Tableware-napkins, plates, utensils

· Table centerpiece-(cake, diaper cake)

· Gifts

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