Back pain

There are many causative factors that give rise to pain in the back. Experiencing low back pains could be a result of some problem in the bony lumbar spine, the vertebrae discs, ligaments bordering the spine and disc, spinal cord. This may also be due to problems in nerves and muscles present in the low back, internal pelvic or abdominal organs or in some cases, even problem in the skin that covers the lumbar region. Pains in the upper back might be because of disorders of the giant blood vessel (aorta), any tumor in chest region or inflammation of spine.

Human back comprises of structured bones that have muscles and tissues surrounding them. These are very soft and that is why, back pain generally occurs if there are tiered muscles and tissues. Each of the movements is solely because of the back and luckily, prevention is possible, the back is to be kept with utmost care. Homemade remedies along with appropriate body exercises and some natural herb such as Guggulu can helps keeping body pain away. Treatment for backache usually doesn’t need surgery and painkillers play main role.

Severe back pain can occur abruptly and might last for a day or two. If the pain persists for more than some weeks in a row it is called as chronic. Such kind of pain generally fades as time goes but the duration would be prolonged. Reason for backache could be due to lifting heavy weighs in a wrong posture or a sudden change in the body posture.

The treatment is massaging affected area with some medicated oil such as Arthcare Oil. Many holistic healers suggest taking natural products such as Sallaki that help reducing the inflammation and are natural pain killers. Herbal product such as Arthcare Capsules helps relieving strenuous muscles and hence offers free movements.


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