Beautiful skin

Beauty of the skin begins from inside the body! The skin seeks fresh air, exercises, proper dietary pattern, minerals and vitamins and it also asks protection from the sunrays. Many people just not bother putting skin cream on the skin; they think it is going to make the skin softer and smoother. Skin cream on the skin may appear soft and smooth, but if anyone wants the skin to be benefited from that cream, they require dampening the skin first then adding the cream. These cream help retaining the moisture within the skin. One can also start walking and building up the muscles’ tone since toned muscles keep the skin from looking so droopy.

Beautiful skin requires to be kept cleaned. One should not scrub the face instead; one can go for some natural products such as St. Botanica Day Cream or St. Botanica Night Cream. The face does not require scrubbing. And, neither does the back. It is therefore recommended that one has to go for all natural products that have potential herbal ingredients. It is now proven that the more one scrubs on it, the more pimples they can get and introduce more traumas to the skin. A warm cloth with an herbal soap, patted and then gentle natural plain water for rinsing is sufficient to have beautiful skin. One can next dry the face by putting with a cotton soft towel. One should not go for any chemical soap, particularly when they have drier skin.

Apart from using natural supplements such as Neem one should follow below mentioned precautions/tips for beautiful skin:-

To have good complexion looking good, one should go including more fresh fruits into routine diet.
Restrict chocolates to a minimum. However, it is not research based proven that chocolates are bad for skin but a low fat diet certainly helps. Until the chocolates one eats are fat-free, it is best to keep such snacks as once in a blue moon treat!

To have beautiful skin, try to have at least 2 liters of water that keeps the skin supple and hydrated.

Consuming more Vitamin A if the skin is drier and tend to have itching is better. Vitamin A boosts the skin elasticity and will help in repairing of certain skin cells.

Using natural facial mask like St. Botanica Facial mask help nourishing the facial skin and adds beauty to it.


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