Bedazzle the World With Your Style!

bedazzle Do you want to dress and live like a socialite and get away with it?

It’s easy; you just need insider information for tips and secrets. Even if you feel silly, gaze at the mirror for a bit and be sure to make good investments clothes wise.

Also learn to accessorize, and do your hair while smiling with a perfectly made up face and an ‘in control’ look at everyone around you.

So these are the #1-socialite rules:

Dress to impress, but always according to the event: Overdone or underdone looks can ruin your image. You need to carefully examine the occasion because daywear is for the daytime and glamour is meant to be for the special and ‘glamorous’ occasions. Don’t mix or confuse them. You miss your chance at ‘society Dom’ if you overdress or undress the part.

Be an afternoon socialite: Luncheons, shopping, and daily gatherings are pretty much a socialite’s life.

The perfect ways for these kinds of activities include:

A cream or ivory top or dress garnished with classy pearl beads. Even better, go for a single heavy pendent on a silky cord.
Black pants, a chocolate colored skirt or a pale printed bottom worn with an ivory blouse.

A fail proof white linen outfit. A skirt n’ trouser outfit can be dressed up with a chiffon scarf wrapped around the shoulders, or fashionably tied in a perfect knot around the neck or handbag.

A classy bag with an attitude: Linen purses with bamboo handles, a leather trimmed bazaar bag, a citrus colored large tote are what is appropriate during this kind of rendezvous.

The must sunglasses: Avoid sparkly sunglasses during the day. Try the new semi-sheer design: opaque or mirrored at the brow as these are in fashion. Be sure to choose the appropriate shape for your face.

Perfect make up: Keep it fresh and natural during the day. Use a lip liner and gloss, combining a subtle color with the outfit you’re wearing.

Open eyes: Apply a neat and thin line on the upper lid. Curl lashes for a sexy gaze and apply a little mascara. Perfect clear style!

Hands and toes: Get pedicures and manicures. Chocolate or bright colors after a perfect manicure and pedicure to complete a beauty regime.

Stylish Hair:  Choose a style that suits you. Mature women should wear their hair up since its comfortable and classy, while nonchalant teenagers should have a perfectly cared for cascade of hair down their back.

Accessorize: Make one statement per outfit, either earrings, a necklace or bracelet can be the center of attention. Don’t let size intimidate you. Go big and bold, but only in one of your accessories.


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