Belly Fat May Be Causing You Harm – Why Weight Loss Is Important

losebelly Obesity is at it’s highest in this day and age. We as people are eating all of the wrong stuff, pizza’s, fast foods, plenty of starches and potato chips. Just look at the way some of our kids look today, you can hardly tell their real age.

And to top it off, there have been studies that show that having an additional 1/3rd more weight than what is recommend can decrease a person’s life span by 30%. That is about the same as a person who has been smoking for in most of his life.

Ways excess fat can harm you

Carrying around extra fat becomes deadly due to the extra stress that is places on the heart. Because the heart needs to work extra hard to ensure that blood is being circulated throughout the body correctly. Because of the extra work the heart has to perform, a person can experience heart attacks, cancer, and even strokes.

And the numbers are:

It is estimated that just about 30% of the population is considered obese. Meaning that based on the BMI – Body Mass Index scale, 30% of the population has a BMI score that is more than 30. This body mass index scale is used to measure how much fat a person has. The lower the number the healthier you are.

Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

There seems to be some good news when coming to fat, not all fat is bad. Just like when dealing with cholesterol, you have the good kind of fat and the bad kind of fat.

The bad fat is similar in nature to the fat that is stored around the waist and belly area. The good fat is similar to the fat that is typically found around the neck area. Research has suggested that this good fat may eventually be able to help a person lose weight.

This study has pointed us in a direction where we can look internally for a weight component that will actually work and be full of hype. So as we await this newfound weight loss component to come on the market, all we can do for now is eat right and exercise in order to lose that belly fat.


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