Benefits of facial yoga

Men and women who come within all age brackets are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of face yoga. Facial yoga is practiced generally in the hope of softening wrinkles, lines and creases. It straightens the already existing wrinkles and also prevents the new ones from being formed.

Yoga facial refers to a series of face exercises that are based on yoga tradition. Experts in this field claim that a good yoga facial will help to tone, smooth, and soothe the facial skin. It makes the skin appear brighter, fresher and younger. Some spas are offering yoga facial in which the technician manipulates the facial skin. However, facial yoga that is done in a completely relaxed environment within the home is found to be more beneficial.

Face is considered to be the index of mind. Any tension that affects the mind is sure to get reflected on the face. During day time, the face is forced to reflect a wide range of emotions such as anger, happiness, sorrow and what not?  Facial exercises, if done effectively, are sure to loosen the muscles and make them free.

Yoga facial usually gets initiated with an energy focusing exercise. Deep breathing, palming etc are some of the methods used to soothe the optic nerve. Yoga helps in keeping the mind focused throughout the day. Facial yoga steps enhance the circulation through the facial arteries. Clay treatment is also done as part of facial yoga in some spas.

A facial yogic session generally requires fifteen minutes to be completed. It is advisable to practice facial yoga at least once a day. Strict observance of this mode of exercise is also found to offer relief from tension related headaches. Moreover, general skin condition is also improved.

Another long term effect of facial yoga is that it easily helps in bringing the much-needed balance and focus in life. Facial yoga is certainly one mode of treatment that you should expose yourself to, if you really care about your skin, mind and body


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