Benefits of Honey Cinnamon mix

Honey is sweet; certain research findings show that it gets even sweeter when mixed with cinnamon. A mixture of honey and cinnamon is found to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of certain diseases. The paste made by mixing honey with cinnamon powder is found to reduce cholesterol level and thereby minimises the risk of heart attack. This paste has the power to strengthen the heartbeat and also boost arteries and veins. It is extremely beneficial to the elderly lot, as their circulatory system is likely to get clogged.

Honey cinnamon paste is also an effective medicine against insect bites. It should be applied immediately on the affected part and within a minute or two, the pain is sure to recede.

One cup of hot water in to which honey and cinnamon has been added in the proportion 2:1 is an effective arthritis remedy. Olive oil mixed with honey and cinnamon is found to check increased hair loss. The mix needs to be applied around five minutes before bath and can then be washed off. Honey-cinnamon mix is also effective against bladder infections. The germs in the bladder get flushed out with a glass of lukewarm water into which two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon has been added.

This wonder paste is also a toothache reliever. In this case, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder needs to be blended with five teaspoons of honey. Those who suffer from severe cold should take a spoon of lukewarm honey with a quarter spoon of cinnamon for three days consecutively.

Even a healthy person, can use this mix daily in order to strengthen his immune system. It will make the body fit to fight against viral and bacterial infections. This is because, the white blood corpuscles get vitalised by honey. The honey-cinnamon paste is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron. If constant acidity is your trouble, again cinnamon-honey paste is your rescuer. Cinnamon powder sprinkled over two tablespoons of honey taken before food will see to it that acidity never troubles you again.

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