Best Cure for Depression

What Is Depression?

Depression can be termed as a state of mind where in the person has negative thoughts and pessimistic feeling, he is constantly in sad mood and anxious.

He feels lonely and the thoughts can lead him to serious mental illness, schizophrenia and to the extent of committing suicide.

Best cure for Depression

Depression is not a disease, which you can leave untreated no matter what is the intensity of depression it needs treatment. As depression is a recurrent illness, it is suggested that successful short-term treatment be pooled with ongoing, maintenance therapy. A person suffering from depression can have chronic mental illness that requires medication and psychiatric therapy together. There are various treatments to cure depression, which you can undertake some of the depression treatment options available are:

Talking treatments (psychological treatments)

Talking through feelings may be all that you need and is Best cure for Depression for mild depression. Sometimes talking with an understanding friend or relative is helpful. Your doctor may also ‘talk things through’ with you or refer you to a counselor. A brief course of cognitive behavioral therapy may help (see below for further details of this.)

Specific counseling

In some cases there is a particular problem that triggered the depression, or is making it worse. For example, marital problems, sexual problems, bereavement, previous childhood abuse, etc. Counseling directed at a specific area may then be helpful and is Best cure for Depression. Sometimes this may be done by a local agency or self-help group which deals with specific problems. For example, RELATE for marital or sexual problems, or a bereavement counselor following a bereavement, etc.

An exercise program

Research has shown that regular exercise can help to ease symptoms of depression in some cases. A typical exercise program to help ease depression would be three ‘formal’ sessions per week of moderate duration (45-60 minutes) for 10-12 weeks. Aerobic exercises are probably best such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, playing a vigorous team sport such as football or netball, etc. However, ideally you should try to get into the habit of doing some sort of exercise on most days in between any ‘formal’ exercise. For example, try to go out for a walk each day as this is the best cure for depression.

A self-help program

There are various pamphlets, books, and audio tapes which can help you to understand and combat depression. The best are based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. There is some evidence to say that a ‘guided self help program’ can help some people with mild depression to recover. That is, a program where the materials are provided by a doctor or nurse, and where a doctor or nurse monitors your progress. These programs take some motivation and effort to work through – a bit like doing homework is the best cure for depression.

Computer and internet based self-help cognitive behavioral therapy programs are recent innovations and may become more popular.

Antidepressant medicines can also be considered as best cure for depression. Antidepressant medication (discussed in detail below) is not usually recommended for the initial treatment of mild depression. However, an antidepressant may be advised for mild depression in certain circumstances.

For example, in people:

· with mild depression that persists after other treatments have not helped.
· whose depression is associated with a physical illness.
· who have had an episode of moderate or severe depression in the past.

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