Best Vitamins for Toddlers

May 24, 2008

Toddlers are kids aged one to two years old. At this age, they have only recently conquered the hardships of walking and will excitedly push their bodies to the limit to see how far and long they’ll be able to walk.

Toddlers typically have formidable willpower but little skills, and these cause them to misbehave or become hyperactive and hence what is required is best vitamins for toddlers. These qualities are why they have different vitamin requirements compared to infants and older children.

In general, toddlers don’t need to take a vitamin with iron. Even though they aren’t drinking an iron fortified infant formula anymore, they should be able to get enough iron from all of the other things that they are eating.

Best vitamins for toddlers that we can find in foods that are usually considered to be good sources of iron include:

· red meats, fish, and poultry
· iron fortified cereal
· oatmeal
· beans (black, kidney, lima, navy, pinto, soy beans)
· tofu
· greens (collard, kale, mustard, spinach, turnip green)
· iron fortified breads
· egg yolks
· dried fruits (raisins, apricots)

You should also look for foods that say that they are iron fortified, like cereals and breads, or that says they have ‘more iron.’

Best vitamins for toddlers

Vitamin A is needed for:

· healthy skin,
· eyesight,
· boosting immunity, and
· cell development.

Vitamin A can often be lacking in the diets of toddlers.

Vitamin C is important for:

· the immune system,
· helping wounds to heal,
· healthy bones, and
· tissues growth.

It also helps in the absorption of iron, especially iron from non-meat sources. Vitamin C intakes are often low in children who don’t eat much in the way of fruit and vegetables. Buy Vitamin C Supplements here

Vitamin D is also important among best vitamins for toddlers:

· essential for the absorption of:
1) calcium,
2) magnesium,
3) zinc,
4) iron,
5) phosphorous and
6) other minerals

· necessary for the assimilation of vitamin A,
· necessary for the health of the bones and teeth,
· necessary for the metabolism of calcium and magnesium, and
· required for kidney function.

Vitamin D can be synthesised through the action of sunlight on the skin. In winter, and if your child is always covered if outside, make sure you include dietary sources of vitamin D, along with supplements (in tablet or liquid form) that contain this vitamin.

The B group is the best vitamins for toddlers and are very important, particularly B6 which is:

· necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12,
· required for the production of antibodies and red blood cells,
· required to absorb zinc,
· essential for the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats, and
· necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acid.

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