Beyonce Knowles announces her marriage with Jay-Z

Beyonce Knowles finally made it clear, “Yes, I am married.” She also admitted that there is absolutely no point in denying her secret marriage with Jay-Z any further. The wedding knot was tied at a private ceremony in New York,but both of them were unwilling to share their happiness with the media. However, Knowles said she never wanted to deny the relationship; she just did not want to talk about it. She further clarified her stand as a means to ‘protect’ their relationship. They wanted to keep their ‘wed knot’ out of the tabloid camera eyes.

A proud Beyonce Knowles said that her husband Jay- real name Shawn Carter-is a person who loves all her “flaws”. She commented that theirs is a ‘real’ relationship in all ways. She also dreads that discussing about her intimate relationships before the intruding media persons will only result in making things “messy’’.

The twenty-seven-year-old singer prefers to expose her career rather than her relationships. She wants to be remembered for her music that transforms the world and changes the very culture of womanhood all over the world. A few days back, the ‘Crazy in Love’ star had showed off her diamond wedding ring while spending a holiday at a beach with her younger sister.

The couple went beyond the traditional ways of ring exchange as they took the vow of togetherness. They also imprinted the matching tattoos of the Roman numeral four on their ring fingers. That is how they would like to be reminded of the other even when they have to take off the bands as part of their work. After all, a mark of some form is always there on their hands.  The couple finds the number four to be special as both Jay’s and Beyonce’s birthdays fall on fourth of December and September respectively. The number is all the more dear to them now as their wedding date is also April 4.


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