Biblical Baby Names

The Bible is the world’s largest resource for baby names. has over 700 baby names chosen from the Bible and the popular derivatives of these traditional baby names.

Each name is accompanied by meaning of the baby name, origin of the baby name and a description of the Biblical character.

If you have searched for ‘Biblical Baby Names‘ then “Congratulations” must be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby, a member of the family or a close friend you are sharing in a major life event and taking a serious interest in choosing a special baby name from one of the many Biblical ones that are available.

The split between the Roman Catholic and Protestant religions led to serious conflict between to two groups. The Protestant faith led to the introduction of another extreme religious faction called the Puritans. The persecution of the Protestants and the Puritans led to their immigration to the New Land – the USA.

An understanding of Biblical names, why and how they were used can reveal a religious persuasion. This can be viewed as a great advantage creating an immediate sense of belonging or conversely a great disadvantage arousing an instant prejudice. A name is incredibly important and people will always be judged by their name.

Below are some of the Biblical baby names:-

1. Aaron
2. Abida
3. Abidan
4. Abigail
5. Alexander
6. Baruch
7. Benjamin
8. Bernice
9. Cain
10. Candace
11. Carshena
12. Cyrus
13. Cheran
14. Daniel
15. Darius
16. Dathan
17. Dinah
18. Dishan
19. Eshton
20. Esli
21. Esther
22. Elam
23. Eliada
24. Elisha
25. Ezer
26. Ezra
27. Eve
28. Festus
29. Felix
30. Gabriel
31. Gaius
32. Gideon
33. Gilead
34. Ginath
35. Hammuel
36. Hamor
37. Hannah
38. Harim
39. Hatita
40. Hebron
41. Imla
42. Immanuel
43. Jaala
44. Jaanai
45. Jachin
46. Jacob
47. Jada
48. Jared
49. Javan
50. Jemuel
51. Jesse
52. Joash
53. Joshua
54. Junia
55. Kallai
56. Kelal
57. Kenan
58. Kishi
59. Lael
60. Leah
61. Lois
62. Lydia
63. Magdalene
64. Malluch
65. Mara
66. Matthias
67. Merari
68. Mered
69. Mica
70. Naarai
71. Naomi
72. Nathan
73. Neriah
74. Noah
75. Olympas
76. Omar
77. Parnach
78. Paulus
79. Peresh
80. Persis
81. Phoebe
82. Rabsaris
83. Rachel
84. Raddai
85. Reba
86. Rebecca
87. Rekem
88. Reuel
89. Rhesa
90. Rosh
91. Rufus
92. Samuel
93. Sapphira
94. Saul
95. Serah
96. Shama
97. Shelomi
98. Tabitha
99. Talitha
100. Timon
101. Zethan
102. Zia

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