Bottle feeding tips

In today’s world, mothers are advised to breast feed their babies as far as possible. No doubt, breast feeding is good for both the mother and her child. But, working mothers will have to turn to bottle feeding by the end of the third month. As they near the end weeks of their maternity leave, they are sure to buy a feeding bottle.  The introduction to bottle feeding is most likely to be a disappointing experience. But, as far as possible try to duplicate a similar effect by fondly cuddling the baby close to you as you make him drink from the bottle.

Before you start to feed your baby on formula powders, double check the expiry date mentioned on the can.  Also ensure that the hole in the teat is of the correct size. If it is a big hole, he is likely to choke. If the hole is too small, he will feel frustrated and will not be satisfied. It is ideal to place the baby in the crook of your arm so that he will remain close to your body. In this position the baby will swallow only less air. It is advisable to have only one person feed the baby. This will help the baby form a special bond with that person.

Needless to mention, bottles and teats must be properly cleaned before use. The leftover formula in the bottle should be thrown away immediately, providing no space for bacteria to breed. Even if the baby is being fed on cow’s milk, the remaining milk in the bottle should be discarded. A baby, who falls asleep by drinking milk from the bottle, probably had enough. In such a case, there is absolutely no need to be concerned over the baby’s need for nutrition. If the baby is repeatedly tuning his head to a side and letting go of the teat, he is likely to be in need of a burping.


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