Brown Discharge in Early Pregnancy

It is not uncommon to experience a Brown discharge in early pregnancy, obviously the first thought is often that something is wrong. However this is not always the case.

In our experience, many women have had some kind of discharge right through the first trimester, although it is important to arrange for a Doctor to check you out if this does happen to you as there can be all manner of reasons why this might happen, some of them are not too positive.

Brown discharge in early pregnancy may be an indication of miscarriage or the presence of verruca virus. Abnormal secretions are common in women and are associated with itching, burning, redness, pain in the abdominal or genital area, and changes in the color of the secretions produced by the vagina and the cervix. Yellow, green, brown, or dark secretions may be related to a variety of factors.

Brown discharge in early pregnancy may be an indication of miscarriage or the presence of verruca virus.

One of the more common reasons for a brown discharge during early pregnancy, especially if it is late in the first trimester is that your body is getting rid of the older blood remains. As your body grows, the original blood used to protect junior is no longer needed. So aside from starting a heart attack in mom as she panics at the sight of the discharge, it is perfectly normal.

Like we have already mentioned, it is always best to err on the side of caution if you do experience this. A quick phone call to your mid wife or Doctor should put your mind at rest, it is so easy during pregnancy to pick hold of something and begin to worry about it, that the best thing is always to double check and make sure everything is alright. The less worked up you are during pregnancy then hopefully the less complications you will have.

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