Bruce Willis tied the knot again

Wedding bells did finally ring at the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos.  Putting an end to all rumors, fifty-four year old (he celebrated his birthday last week) Bruce Willis married his English born model girlfriend Emma Heming.

The die hard romantic and his thirty-two year old girl friend took their vows on the Caribbean island where he owns a home at the exclusive Parrot Cay resort. Thus, the eighteen month old relation is all set to bear fruits.

This time too, Bruce is not moving far from his usual taste in wives. It is again a Demi look a like with a sultry, lingerie model. Like Demi, Emma also has long dark hair and perfect skin.

But, the strangest of all news is yet to come-his ex wife, Demi Moore is rumored to have attended the wedding. It has been a decade since he got separated from Demi Moore. She is not going to make it all alone. Apparently, Demi Moore is accompanied by her new husband Ashton Kutcher.

Media reports goes that both actress Demi Moore andd her husband Ashton Kutcher are maintaining good relationship both with Bruce and Emma. Believe it or not -they are actually close friends as well. No wonder, the couple has already reached West Indies to attend the posh marriage ceremony. That is exactly what you call a happy get together!

It has been reported that a many a hotel room and private villas were reserved for celebrity guests at a nearby luxury hotel. It is reported that even Madonna did make it to the Caribbean island to attend the grand Bruce wedding.

Designer Donna Karan is yet another celebrity guest. He also owns a home at Turks. Everyone in Hollywood is indeed buzzing with the rumors about the star marriage.


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