Cat Pregnancy

Unless you’re breeding your cat chances are you won’t know about your cat pregnancy until she is well along in the gestation period. The mother doesn’t begin to bulge noticeably until a couple of weeks before delivery time.

Here are a few signs and symptoms you may see if your cat is pregnant:

It will take three weeks before there are any signs about your cat pregnancy. The first sign is when she doesn’t come on heat two to three weeks after she mated. The first visible sign of your cat’s pregnancy will be her swollen nipples which will be a deep coral pink. This pinking will be more noticeable if this is your cat’s first pregnancy.

– Nipples will begin to enlarge and become softer and pink (this is the #1 sign)

– Weight gain, especially around the mid-section

– Increase in appetite, this usually occurs close to birth

– Some cats may become more affectionate than usual

Cats may also exhibit morning sickness

– Nesting activity begins

Signs of cat pregnancy

– After three weeks, the nipples become enlarged and red, which is known as “pinking-up”.

– A pregnant queen may also go through a stage of being sick sporadically. It’s nothing to worry about just a bit of morning sickness.

– Your cat will gradually gain between one and two kilograms, depending on the number of kittens. This is a strong indication that she is pregnant. Pregnancy can be accurately diagnosed by ultrasound after 28 days, and a vet can determine the number of kittens by x-ray after 45 days.

– The abdomen will start to swell, but avoid touching it so you don’t risk damaging the unborn kittens.

– Your cat’s behavior will become “maternal” and she may begin to purr a lot.

– She is likely to say no food, will act unsettled and might start to look for a suitable quiet place in which to give birth.

– The first sign of labor is a temperature drop in the mother to around 37.8º C.

– You should then see the abdomen contracting and a vaginal discharge (if the discharge is heavy and black or blood colored then you should contact your vet).

Activity should be present throughout the cat pregnancy in order for your pet to maintain muscle tone and prevent gaining too much weight. In the last days of the pregnancy however, you will find that your cat will slow right down.

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