Causes and Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

As the word ‘ectopic’ indicates, it is an ‘out of place’ pregnancy. In this case, a fertilized egg gets implanted outside the walls of the uterus. In majority of cases, ectopic pregnancy becomes tubular as the fertilized egg settles in the fallopian tubes. However, the egg can also find place in the abdomen, cervix or in the ovary itself. According to the place of its fixation, it gets termed as abdominal or cervical pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are not encouraged by doctors as no other area in the female body is equipped enough nor has enough space to nurture an embryo. This will result in the rupture of that particular organ as the baby develops.

It is hard for a mother to make out whether her pregnancy is ectopic in nature or not. Ectopically pregnant women, also show common signs of conception such as missed periods, morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination tendency etc. However, vaginal bleeding during early stages of pregnancy does not occur in the normal case and is thus a characteristic feature of ectopic pregnancy. Sharp pain in the abdomen and fainting due to blood loss are other symptoms. In case of any doubt whether you are in the danger zone, never waste a second in consulting your doctor. The sooner it is diagnosed, the safer you are.

Ectopic pregnancy is caused when the egg after fertilization fails to reach its destination, the uterus. It might not have been fast enough to work its way out of the fallopian tubes. In certain cases, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease might have already blocked the fallopian tubes partially and then the egg finds it difficult to get out. Previous fallopian or abdominal surgeries also could be a reason for the blockage. Endometriosis is another possible cause of tubular pregnancy. This is the condition in which tissues from the inner walls of the uterus grow in some other body part. In this case they might have settled inside the fallopian tubes, blocking the passage of the fertilized egg. In rare cases, birth defects makes the fallopian tubes improperly shaped and upset the egg’s way.


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