Causes of bleeding from lower end of nose

Nosebleeds are quite common aftereffects of trauma. But, enough care should be taken, as nose bleeding might also be due to some other internal problems. The rupturing of tiny blood vessels present within the nose causes nose bleeding. Nose bleeding can be due to any damage either in the upper or in the lower septum of the nose.

Most nosebleeds are due to some rupture that has occurred within the lower end of the nose in the lower septum. The septum refers to the semi-rigid wall that separates the two channels of the nose that contain blood vessels.

These blood vessels are placed too close to the surface and are thus susceptible even to minor injuries. In most cases, lower nose bleeding does not require medical attention. However, it is advisable to seek medical aid if the bleeding fails to be brought under control.

Bleeding from the nose might sometimes be due to a blow or a smack. Sometimes, mere pricking the nose can also lead to nasal bleeding. Intense dryness felt within the nose can also cause bleeding. High altitudes, colds, allergies and medications are yet other reasons for nose bleeding.

If you find blood rushing out from the nose, it is advisable to sit up straight by pinching the nostrils together firmly. After sitting in that posture for ten minutes, it is ideal to place a cold compressor or an ice pack across the nose bridge.

It is better to avoid physical strains such as jumping up and down for a couple of hours, even after the bleeding has stopped. If you happen to blow your nose hard, the clot is likely to be dislodged and bleeding form the nose will restart.

If the bleeding does not stop even after applying direct pressure for twenty minutes, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Expert help should be sought in case of frequent outbursts of nasal bleeding.

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