Causes of cough

Reoccurring cough is indeed a most disturbing irregularity. It occurs when we least like it to and makes us embarrassed. The increased atmospheric pollution has made cough a most common health hazard.

Numerous particles of dust, fumes and germs to which people are exposed daily are a major cause of cough and other related respiratory ailments. Tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes and airborne infections are possible reasons for continuous cough.

The cough is an involuntary action. It is regulated by the brain in order to clear the blockage that has occurred in the body’s airways. Any irritant that hinders the passage of free air to and from the body gets removed by cough. Viral infections such as the flu or common cold can also lead to cough.

Dry and chesty coughs are the two commonly found kinds of cough. Though dry cough can be irritating, it is considered to be the less serious one of the two. The chesty cough forces up phlegm or mucus from the lungs. Chain smokers are likely to suffer from dry cough continuously throughout their lives.

Rarely, chronic coughing can turn out to be fatal. Intensified and continuous coughing might result breakage of rib bones. Cough that is a natural outcome of cold or flu is found to disappear within two weeks. Any case of chesty cough that lasts for more than a couple of weeks should be brought under a doctor’s notice.

Continuous coughing might indicate bronchial problems or even pneumonia. Antibiotic medicine gets prescribed in such cases by analyzing the phlegm that has been coughed up. Cough syrup that contains honey, syrup and sugar is the most common medication given as part of cough treatment. In some cases, medicines that repress the brain signals that cause coughing are also prescribed as part of dry cough treatment.  Drowsiness after ingestion is likely in such suppressed medication cases.


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  1. steve says:

    I get a dry cough that comes and goes, sometimes it will be gone for weeks, then it will just pop up for a while and be really irritating. It never has phlegm, just a dry annoying cough, maybe it’s all subconcius? Maybe it’s not a real cough and that i just have a tickle in my chest and think it’s a cough and think too deeply about it causing me to cough all the time.

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