Causes of eczema

Eczema is a broad term, which encompasses different variants of skin inflammation. This skin disorder is also termed as dermatitis. The most frequently found form of eczema is atopic dermatitis. But, many other less frequent varieties of this irregularity also exist.

People belonging to all age groups can be affected by this disorder. But, infants are the mostly affected lot. In most cases, eczema gets cured by the time the kid is three years old. It has been found that hereditary factors play a major role in the development of this disorder.

The exact cause of this skin irregularity still remains unknown. But, it has been inferred from scientific studies that eczema occurs due to some irregularity in the immune system. In some people, eczema gets triggered as a result of contact with allergens such as soaps, cosmetics, detergents, jewelry, clothing or sweat.

Environmental allergens such as pollen are also found to lead to an attack of eczema. Climatic changes is yet another cause. Changes in environmental temperature or humidity, or even psychological stress, also result in an outbreak of eczema in some people.

The characteristic symptom of this disorder is dryness. Not only does the skin appears dry, but also gets reddened. Most people experiences severe itching as well in the affected area. In most cases, severe itching happens to be the initial symptom. However, the manifestation of symptoms varies from one person to another, based on the specific type of eczema.

Rarely, eczema is found to result in blisters and oozing lesions. Repeated scratching due to the itchy feeling is likely to lead to thickened and crusty skin.

Though, any body part is likely to be affected, eczema typically appears on the face, neck, and the insides of the elbows. Knees, and ankles are also prone areas. In infants, eczema usually makes its reddened appearance on the forehead, forearms, legs, scalp, cheeks, and sometimes neck.


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