Causes of fatigue

Fatigue is becoming an extremely common health problem. It is characterized by increased weariness, tiredness and lack of energy. The mental exhaustion experienced by a person who suffers severe fatigue gets tremendously increased by stress, medication and overwork. He is likely to feel drowsy and fails to be motivated.

In normal situation, fatigue gets cured when the body is provided with adequate rest and enough nutrition. If the person still feels drowsy, then he needs to be given medical aid. Continuous fatigue might point towards more serious psychological or physical disorders. A precise diagnosis of the true reason behind the fatigue is extremely important in providing the right treatment. It is advisable to provide mental support to the victim by exposing him to a low-stress environment. It is based on the nature of fatigue that an expert doctor decides on the reason behind the disorder.

One of the major causes of fatigue is an irregularity in the body system that leads to hay fever or anemia. Mental depression, persistent pain, sleep disorders such as regular insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea etc can all result in fatigue. Eating disorders and increased consumption of drugs and alcohol also makes a person affected with fatigue. Certain medications such as those meant for allergies, blood pressure irregularities, sleeping disorders and diuretics also result in fatigue.

Apart from such physical and mental ailments, lifestyle choices are also likely to cause fatigue. The patient should openly discuss all about his medications,     dietary habits, work environment and other possible reasons for his stress with the doctor. After the exact reason for the disorder is known, the vital signs of the patient such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, breathing rate are checked by the doctor. After a thorough physical examination, blood tests and urine examination are prescribed. Such tests help in determining whether the patient is diabetic or infected with some or other harmful microbe.

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